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Lavi Kilvavi Club

Benefits  for Club Members Only
Special offers for club members
  • 10% off the hotel's price list (except for high season and Israeli holidays)
  • 5% off the hotel prices in high season and Israeli holidays (except for pesach)
  • Further 5% off on other discounts.
  • The club discount can be used for a maximum of 5 rooms (including the cardholder) per booking.
  • 10% off the souvenir shop, hotel bar, and hotel restaurant.
Birthday? anniversary? A reason to celebrate?
Beautiful and special moments at Lavi Hotel
  • 15% off a club member’s room, according to price rate and except holidays and high season.
  • If you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary during the month of Av, you can use the discount in Elul or Tammuz, but not during high season.
  • Birthday and anniversary benefits are conditional on hospitality during the month of the original event (additional rooms at a standard club discount).
  • Joining the club costs 100 NIS (the membership is valid for two years).
    Renewing club membership - 100 NIS
  • Payment can be made via reservation department 073-7598820
  • Direct mailings throughout the year (offers, special events) are sent out only by email:
Please provide us with your e-mail address.
  • The hotel's management reserves the right to change the club's conditions.
  • No double discounts