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Welcome to the Kibbutz Lavi Hotel - Kosher certificate

It is our pleasure to host you. Our hotel is noted for its very strict high-level Kashruth which is supervised by Rabbi Joseph Chaim Rosenblatt, Rabbi of the Lower Galilee and recommended by Rabbi Yehoshua Herzl, Rabbi of Nazareth.


  • Our kitchen staff consists in large part of observant, “Shomer Shabbat” Jews.
  • All the products and ingredients, with the exception of poultry, meat, and dairy products, have one of three hechshers: Eda Charedit, Rabbi Rubin, Rabbi Landau
  • All leafy vegetables are insect-free products with Eda Charedit / Rubin hechsher. They undergo an additional inspection and washing, according to Badatz instructions.
  • All dairy products are under Mehadrin supervision, including that of the Mehadrin committee of Tnuva led by Rabbi Witman. (Some of the products are made locally with the above Mehadrin hechsher.)
  • Bread and rolls are supplied by bakeries under the supervision of Badatz Eda Charedit, Rav Rubin & Rav Landau.
  • Products baked in our own kitchen - Flour is sifted by a machine which meets the standards of the most meticulous kashrut requirements and challa is set aside as required.
  • We have a special mashgiach on the premises to supervise the meticulous inspection of all products entering the kitchen – including legumes, nuts and all whole condiments.
  • The meat and the poultry  served in the Hotel is imported with the hechsher of Rav Rubin (At times, due to limited availability, the hotel may substitute meat and poultry products with the hechsher of the Eda Charedit or Rav Landa.).
  • It is not permitted to bring food or beverages from outside the hotel to the hotel restaurant & the bar area.
  • Any questions should be directed to the Hotel Mashgiach, Yakov Chayun. tel.050-3231174