Kibbutz Lavi Hotel is committed to providing professional, courteous, high-quality and equal service to all its customers.
We work to provide equal and accessible service to all our visitors, in compliance with the provisions of the Equal Rights Act for Persons with Disabilities 1998 and the regulations adopted pursuant to it - adjustments for access to buildings, infrastructure and environment and adaptability to service.
The managers and staff regularly undergo training on service accessibility and attendance to people with disabilities in all areas.
Below is information about the accessibility accommodations available at Kibbutz Lavi Hotel:
• Accessible parking.
• Accessible entrances to buildings.
• Swimming pool access wheelchair lift.
• Accessible services in public areas
• Accessible elevators.
• Accessible guest rooms.
• Assistive hearing systems in the reception.
• Auxiliary system for hearing in conference halls.
• Audio suitcase for guests who need it.
For accessibility information contact accessibility coordinator:
Name: Zion Ben Shushan
Phone: 04-6799453
You can leave a message on the website contact page, and it will be forwarded to the company's accessibility coordinator.
Website Accessibility:
Accessible accommodations have been made on the website, according to the provisions of Israeli Standard 5568, for persons with disabilities, according to the Equal Rights Commission's guidelines for people with disabilities.
The site is built in a code that complies with AA level accessibility regulations.
The site has embedded elements adapted to people with disabilities (visually impaired and / or blind / color blind /
people with difficulties in understanding / reading ...)