Kibbutz Lavi is located in one of the most picturesque regions of Israel. In the Lower Galilee, at an altitude of 300 m, you can overlook the Galilee Mountains with its lush green pastures. The kibbutz’s unique location in the eastern part of the lower Galilee, means you get to experience a special fusion between the Galilee’s greenery and its soil that turns increasingly basaltic as you approach the Golan Heights.
Don’t know where to go first? Lavi Hotel offers a consultant at your disposal who will be happy to provide all the information and advice on where to go and what to see based on your needs.

Springs and Streams

The Shvil HaHamisha Spring
Near Shadmot Devorah, 20 minutes from Kibbutz Lavi, you’ll find a beautiful shallow spring with crystal clear waters. While there, you may also enjoy some shade and have a picnic at the tables installed there for your convenience.
Kazan spring (Ein Kazan)
Near Kfar Kama - a shaded and covered spring with a concrete structure. It is 50 cm deep and there’s a ladder to go into the water.
Nun spring (Ein Nun)
Close to Migdal – a spring that flows into two pools, with some shade. A lovely spot for a picnic.
The Yardenit
Across from the entrance to Kibbutz Kinneret - a beautiful natural pool to cool down in the summer. When you’re done bathing, you can walk along the stream until you find a cozy spot for a picnic.
Job’s Spring (Ein Iyov)
Near the churches, down the stairs, lies a beautiful waterfall. There’s even a small beach strip where you can sit and soak in the atmosphere.

Attractions for the Whole Family

Navigating in the Kibbutz
A fun and fascinating navigation game on your mobile phone. An unforgettable experience that follows the kibbutz’s trails. For more details, click here
Tavor Mountain
Arbel Mountain
Additional hiking trails
Additional hiking trails

Wineries in the Area

Kitron Winery
Netofa Winery
Lotem Winery
The Lavi Hotel wine bar
If you don't feel like leaving the hotel and still want to indulge in excellent wine - our wine bar is abundant with the best wines of the galilee

Culture and Tradition

Mount Meron and the Tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai
Tiberias Old Town
Tzipori and Other Archaeological Sites