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What’s in the area?

A special geographical location
Kibbutz Lavi is located in one of the most enchanting corners of the Land of Israel; In the Lower Galilee, at a height of 300 m. The height of the kibbutz allows for a panoramic view of the surroundings. From here you can look out over the wide, green and lush mountains of Galilee. The special location of the kibbutz, in the eastern part of the Lower Galilee, also merges between the green of the Galilee and the land that becomes increasingly basaltic as you approach the Golan Heights. From the kibbutz you can also take a look at our beautiful blue Sea of Galilee.

Charming corners in Kibbutz Lavi
A walk in Kibbutz Lavi will introduce you to the beautiful Galilean landscape that surrounds the kibbutz from all sides, as well as the many charming corners inside the kibbutz. You can enjoy a pleasant walk here on the paths of the kibbutz, between the wide lawns, among the many diverse trees that decorate and give their shade and flowers to kibbutz members and guests. You will also encounter a bridge, which passes over a pool of water, with a soft sound and decorative fish inside it. The kibbutz’s perimeter path will lead you to a wide view of the surrounding fields, with their changing color according to season: the yellow of summer, the lush green of winter, or brown earth with seeds waiting for rain.

Other favorite spots in Kibbutz Lavi:
Milking the cows – In order to be a true part of a kibbutz life, we invite you to go to the cowshed and look at the cows and the sweet calves in the right time of the year. We also invite you to an exiting experience of watching the milking process of the cows in the relevant hours. Beit Midrash in the kibbutz – Kibbutz Lavi is proud of its Beit Midrash, and invites guests of the Lavi Hotel to happily join its classes, or to sit and study with the books from the rich Torah library located in the spacious and comfortable Beit Midrash.

Excursions in the area
The location of Kibbutz Lavi enables a convenient exit for many and varied trips in the surroundings. From here you can easily reach Mount Tabor, and from there continue on trips in the Jezreel Valley. Or perhaps take a trip to Arbel, which is adjacent to the Sea of Galilee, and there take a bath in one of the pleasant beaches of the beautiful lake. Countless rivers and springs await you at a short distance from the kibbutz. Even Meron and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai are not far from Kibbutz Lavi, and the ancient city of Tiberias with the righteous who are buried in it, and Tzipori with its ancient mosaics is so close to Kibbutz Lavi and many other archeological sites where Jewish settlements from Talmudic times where found, with its synagogues, Mikvhe and so much more. And all you have to do is choose from the abundance of tours and excursions in the area.